Health IT Integration

The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is now allowed to integrate with health IT systems. This enables prescribers, pharmacists and their delegates who are authorized users to access PDMP data within their electronic workflow. This integration will help healthcare professionals have accurate, relevant and timely PDMP information at the point of care to make better informed clinical decisions.

A fact sheet detailing the PDMP HIT integration project is available here

OR PDMP Gateway 
Procedure for Health IT Integration

NOTE to Eligible Entities: Please review Integration Request Form and Oregon PDMP Gateway Service Use Agreement before starting process.


A. Eligible Entity completes PDMP Health IT Eligible Entity Integration Request Form.
B. Eligible Entity submits completed Integration Request Form to OHA via one of the following methods:

a. Email pdf with signatures to: , OR
b. Mail to: Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, Oregon Health Authority 800 NE Oregon Street, Ste. 730, Portland, OR 97232, OR
c. Fax: 971‐673‐0990

C. OHA reviews form and notifies Eligible Entity of approval. OHA will work with Eligible Entity to resolve any issues on the Integration Request Form.  OHA sends a copy of the executed document to Approved Entity.


A. Approved Entity completes Oregon PDMP Gateway Service Use Agreement.
B. Approved Entity submits completed Oregon PDMP Gateway Service Use Agreement to OHA via one of the methods listed under #2 above.
C. OHA notifies Appriss Health of Approved Entity status and sends a copy of the executed document to Approved Entity.


A. Approved Entity may contact Appriss Health to initiate integration. Follow the link and complete the integration sign-up. 
B. Approved Entity completes Appriss Health Gateway End User License Agreement and negotiates financing with Appriss Health.
C. Approved Entity’s Health IT Vendor codes to Gateway using Appriss Health’s API toolkit (if applicable). If integration is already completed with the Health IT Vendor then the Health IT Vendor delivers code to Approved Entity to initiate appropriate testing.


D. OHA authorizes Approved Entity in Gateway console.
E. Integration successful.


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