Law Enforcement

A federal, state or local law enforcement agency engaged in an authorized drug-related investigation may request information from the PDMP for an individual that is the subject of the investigation. The request must be pursuant to a valid court order based on probable cause.  ORS 431.966

A subpoena is not sufficient for the PDMP to release information.  A law enforcement agency must provide a search warrant signed by a judge or a court order signed by a judge that indicates there is probable cause for the judge to issue the order.

Law Enforcement Information Request Procedure

Law enforcement agencies must perform the following steps to request information from the PDMP:

  1. Click the Law Enforcement Info Request link located on the left menu.
  2. Complete the fillable Law Enforcement Information Request Form.
  3. Print a hard copy of the completed Law Enforcement Information Request Form.
  4. Sign the Law Enforcement Information Request Form.
  5. Submit the signed Law Enforcement Information Request Form along with a copy of the court order documents to:

Mail:   Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring Program-IPE
PO Box 14450
Portland, OR 97293-0450


Fax:    971-673-0990

The PDMP staff will review the application and contact the individual who submitted the request for validation.

If the form is complete and the court order is valid, PDMP staff will query the system for the requested information and provide a report to the law enforcement agency.

If the request or court order is not valid, PDMP staff will respond to the law enforcement agency providing an explanation for the denial.


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