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The Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) can be integrated with health IT systems through a Gateway solution. This allows prescribers and pharmacists who are authorized PDMP users to access PDMP data within their normal electronic workflow.

This how-to will guide hospitals, health systems, medical providers and other prescribers through the set-up process for accessing Oregon’s PDMP and the Appriss PDMP Gateway. Let’s get started!

Register for the PDMP - If you are not already registered

  • Go to
  • Follow the directions including reviewing the terms and conditions.
  • Each registrant must have a unique e-mail address.
  • Complete registration submission requirements as listed in the directions.

Verify all providers at your facility have a PDMP account

  • The law prohibits account sharing.
  • If you would like assistance determining which providers at your facility are not currently registered with the PDMP please email:
  • NOTE: Oregon PDMP provider accounts are deactivated when a provider is no longer licensed to prescribe medications or licensure credentials cannot be verified. A delegate account (a non-provider account) is deactivated after 180 days of non-use.

Complete the Required PDMP Integration Forms

  • There are two required forms that must be completed and submitted to the PDMP. The forms and directions on how to complete them can be found at: Health IT Integration.
  • Once OHA reviews and approves the forms, an executed copy will be returned to you.
  • OHA will notify Appriss Health when the agreement is approved.

Determine Financing and Initiate Integration with Appriss PMP Gateway

  • When the executed agreement is returned, contact Appriss by visiting Appriss' EHR Sign-up page
  • Complete the Appriss Health Gateway End User License Agreement and determine financing.
  • Conduct testing for appropriate connection.
  • Once testing is successful, OHA will authorize you in the Gateway console and integration will be complete.

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