Integrate the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program within your current health IT system

Authorized Oregon prescribers and pharmacists can now access Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) data within their electronic workflow via the PDMP Gateway. Access to accurate and timely PDMP information at the point of care can help health care professionals make better informed clinical decisions and improve patient care.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has contracted with Appriss Health to provide access to the PDMP through its Gateway. The PDMP Gateway is an Application Programming Interface (API) embedded in health IT systems that will allow authorized PDMP users to securely access Oregon’s PDMP data from within their electronic workflow. Interested organizations must apply to become PDMP Approved Entities.

The PDMP Gateway is designed to automate searches, making patient PDMP data ready to view for rapid access within normal workflow. Health care providers can review patient records while also seeing the PDMP data for prescription fill information on controlled substances. The streamlined process eliminates the need to log into numerous systems, freeing providers to spend more time focused on care.

The PDMP Gateway went live in summer 2017 through the Gateway vendor Appriss. OHA is working with early adopters to onboard to the PDMP Gateway. Currently, entities that connect through the PDMP Gateway must pay a subscription fee to Appriss.

The ability to integrate the PDMP with current health IT systems is made possible by the passage of House Bill 4124 (2016) which received strong support from across stakeholder communities. The bill requires individual prescribers, pharmacists or their delegates to have an active PDMP user account in order to receive PDMP data through the Gateway.

If your organization is interested in integrating PDMP data, visit

Oregon’s PDMP program manages the Gateway efforts and is accepting applications from health care organizations that want to connect their health IT systems to it.


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